Flow – Beautrais x de Vegt

A set of 15 poems by Airini Beautrais from her poetry book Flow set to music by Elizabeth de Vegt.

This event was part of the Whanganui Women’s Network La Fiesta 2021. Press release about the first gig is here.

Performed by Elise Goodge (taonga puoro and vocals) Andrew Wetherall (guitar) Brad McMillan (drums) and Elizabeth de Vegt (piano/ acoustic guitar and vocals).

The videos below were filmed at the first performance March 2021 at ‘Beautrais x de Vegt’, part of La Fiesta 2021, Whanganui, New Zealand.

A big thanks to Carla Donson from the Whanganui Womens Network, for filming the ‘Beautrais x de Vegt’ videos below. Also to Brad McMillan for filming the Rākaunui show.

© Elizabeth de Vegt 2022